Kimono Sleeve Jackets


Citron Burnout Cascade Kimono Jacket

Style #: 451-4493m


Citron Burnout Frog Closure Flutter Jacket

Style #: 451-4494m


Dinah Lee Soft Magnolia Blooms Kimono

Style #: 313-2490m


Dinah Lee Royal Roses Kimono

Style #: 313-2491m


Dinah Lee Maui Shimmer Kimono

Style #: 313-2492m


Citron River Hanging Wisteria Cascade Jacket

Style #: 451-4431m


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Citron A Butterfly Garden Cascade Jacket

Style #: 451-4415m


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Citron A Water Garden Dolman Sleeve Cardigan

Style #: 451-4401m


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Distinctions Sheer Shades of Green Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-190m


Distinctions Aurora Burnout Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-184m


Distinctions Midnight Jungle Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-192m


Distinctions Sea of Coral Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-187m


Distinctions Pastel Passion Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-191m


Distinctions Blocks of Blues Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-193m


Distinctions Painted Rainbow Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-188m


Distinctions Lovely in Lavender Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-189m


Distinctions Golden Elegance Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-185m


Distinctions Butterflies in the Breeze Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-194m


Citron Delicate Flower Design Drape Front Jacket

Style #: 451-4386m


Citron Scrolls and Butterflies Vine Drape Jacket

Style #: 451-4381m


Citron Les Fleurs Roman Antique Cascade Jacket

Style #: 451-4337m


Distinctions Under The Sea Burnout Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-183m


Distinctions Watercolor Floral Silk Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-120m


Distinctions Champagne Burnout Kimono Jacket

Style #: 797-118m


Distinctions Teal Patch Short Jacket

Style #: 564-180m


Distinctions Picasso Abstract Cowboy Silk Jacket

Style #: 565-277


Distinctions Bronze Black Frog Closure Kimono

Style #: 564-178m


Distinctions Tie Front Velvet Beaded Jacket

Style #: 766-11001mblk


Distinctions Petals in the Wind Kimono Jacket

Style #: 564-211m


Distinctions Gold Black Jacquard Lace Butterfly Wrap

Style #: 588-4624


Distinctions Teal Blue Frog Closure Kimono

Style #: 564-177m


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Distinctions Copper Patch Short Jacket

Style #: 564-195m


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Distinctions Aqua and Green Patch Jacket

Style #: 564-202m


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Citron Black Reversible Stretch Silk Tank Top

Style #: 451-1914mblk


Most Popular Matching Separate

Citron Black Reversible Stretch Silk Pant

Style #: 451-1915mblk


Most Popular Matching Separate

Citron Black Fukure Tank Top

Style #: 451-1909mblk


100% Silk
Basic Essential

Citron Black Flat Fukure Silk Bias Tank

Style #: 451-1924mblk


Only LGs Left!

Citron Black Flat Fukure Silk Wide Leg Pant

Style #: 451-1923mblk


Only LGs Left!

Citron Black Fukure A-Line Bias Skirt

Style #: 451-4308mblk


100% Silk
Basic Essential

Citron Black Reversible Stretch Silk Long Slip Dress

Style #: 451-013mblk


Only LGs Left!

Alex Evenings Chiffon Tank Top

Style #: 207-47641m


Great layering piece

Alex Evenings Pant in Basic Chiffon

Style #: 207-46025m


Flowy Chiffon pant to match all tops!

Two Women and a Trunk Black Wide Leg Crinkle Pant

Style #: 423-130mblk

Price: $71.00 Sale: $35.50

Alex Evenings Matte Jersey Tank Top

Style #: 207-35127m


Alex Evenings Matte Jersey Petite Pant

Style #: 207-35054m


Petite Length

Alex Evenings Matte Jersey Pant

Style #: 207-35053m


Alex Evenings Long Straight Skirt

Style #: 207-46527m


Eileen Fisher Black Silk Georgette Knee Length Dress

Style #: 560-2690mblk


Only LGs Left!

Citron Black Fukure Sheer Back Long Dress

Style #: 451-4318mblk


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